Medical Real Estate Company

Our company is the top producing tenant broker in the medical real estate market. Recognized for our agents’ expert knowledge of the market and their ability to effectively negotiate and understand value, Medical Real Estate is the consummate advocate for our clients. We keep their objectives, wants, needs and desires in focus so that we can consistently deliver satisfaction.

Negotiation Skills:The extensive market knowledge and business savvy of our team saves clients thousands of dollars and more on real estate deals. Our Medical Commercial Brokerage also provides a Comparative Market Analysis to negotiate the best possible deal on the best possible terms. At Medical Real Estate, our medical brokers primarily represent buyers and serve only their needs. The cost of our services for Medical property for rent or for sale comes through splitting our commission with the listing real estate agent, who is paid by the seller.

What Your Expert Broker Can Provide

A Medical Real Estate Tenant Broker has:

Knowledge:The latest market tools and technological innovations to show clients the best property listings on the market.

Experience:A keen understanding of the buying process.

Time:The countless hours it takes to help buyers and tenants find the best properties for home or business in the best location.

Options:State-of-the-art communication technologies, self-updating databases and good old-fashioned networking skills to access every available space in Medical. Clients can virtually tour spaces from the comfort of their home computers.

Successful investment in medical real estate requires innovation, vision, commitment and expertise - the foundations of Prime Manhattan Group. Our firm, based in Manhattan - New York City, is a full-service, commercial real estate company that specializes in medical office space, buildings, and clinic facilities.


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