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Prime Manhattan Realty's medical space specialists are well-versed in every aspect of locating and securing medical office space in New York City. We know every area of difficulty and every business consideration. We will work closely with you to determine exactly what you need and craft a cost-effective strategy to maximize your real estate investment. Looking for medical space with us is one of the best decisions you'll make.

Prime Manhattan Realty is your resource for Manhattan medical real estate. An office space is a home for your organization, and we treat every client's needs as if they were our own. Our brokers work constantly to ensure that your company finds the ideal healthcare property. We do it on time, within budget and we do not rest until you are 100% satisfied and confident that your new space is the best one available.

As a full service commercial broker, we will guide you through the complete process, serving as your partner and advisor as you secure the ideal office space. We begin by discussing location and size requirements and conducting the initial search, and our work is not done until every detail of your relocation is secure.

This includes all contractual negotiations, architectural planning and the final signing of the lease. Medical office space is a very particular sector of commercial real estate, with a unique and exacting list of important criteria.

As you search for the ideal New York medical space, begin by considering the following:

Size: You'll want a medical office space that is large enough to accommodate patients and staff, with adequate room for waiting areas, storage and equipment.

Location: Choose a location for medical space in an area that is zoned properly, convenient for staff and accessible to patients.

Improvements: Nearly every newly purchased or leased medical office space in New York must undergo major renovations.

Be sure your new space can accommodate your specific layout, electrical and plumbing needs and that all construction can be completed efficiently.

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Finding medical office space for lease that's suitable for doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals requires planning, research and expertise. Our agents can help you make the best decision for your space leasing needs. A lease requires less capital investment with flexible terms that buying cannot offer. Find an attractive office and location with us. Take a look at our listings to view all types and sizes of medical office properties for lease.

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Buying a space for your medical business is an important investment. Our agents can answer tough questions, narrow down the perfect location and negotiate on your behalf. From equipment to exam rooms, our team knows how to assist you in making the best decision for your business and your patients. Take a look at our listings to find the right space to maximize your investment.

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Utilize the knowledge of our experienced medical broker

First impressions count...
Therefore, as with any other real estate, the physical location of a medical office must be a reflection of its doctors’ capabilities in their entirety – the entrance, accessibility, signage and lighting, as well as the look, feel, texture and scent, all of which add to the comfort and security of the patients coming there.

To obtain the perfect medical space, Prime Manhattan Realty medical real estate brokers become a valued business partner. Brokers negotiates the initial terms of the medical lease and the letter of intent, possibly assisting on the medical lease’s finer points.

Also, doctors striking out on their own must know limited inventory in highly desirable areas has created a highly competitive market, and that small business owners compete with national retailers.

Having a jump start on the blocking and space plans will dovetail into the construction drawings needed to secure a building permit.

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